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David Crofts' Page



To Open Two Open Not-Con-Senter Points

This Kind of Shit Cannot Happen Again

David Crofts Berwick on Facebook

David Crofts on Google Search

My Social-Media Links Page

My Products on Google

A Timeline To Date

Today's Arsehole

Both Ways

My Inspired Associates

Helen Goodenough

Judy Paterson

Malala Yousafzai

The Chisel from I.B.M.


My Inspired Documents

A Quantum of Physics The Con-Sequences of Mind
A Rumination on Symmetry The NOT Banker
A Sole Agent The Other / Anti-Pope
Assorted PDF Documents The Power of Complete Vagina Power
Commonwealth Ombudsman The Speed of Time
My Wumper The Tax System
NOT Stupid @ Random The Ultimate Computer

My Inspired Politicians

Australian – Labor

Australian – Liberal
Iraqi – Ba'ath Party
Russian – Opposition

United States – Democrat

United States – Republican

My Medical Practitioners

Dr Colin McIver

Dr Hillol Das
Dr John Reilly

Dr Mary Meldrum

Dr Ruth Vine
Dr Terence Hardiker
Dr Saji Damodaran
Dr William Orchard
Dr Tennent Tampiyappa My Father's Parents 

My Mental Health Act

Mental Health Act 1990

Mental Health Act 2015
Mental Health Act 2016

Mental Health Act 2017

Linux Program Source Codes (Gzipped, Tar Archives)

checkers.tgz (15K)   requires "Trolltech Qt3 Toolkit"
tictactoe.tgz (5K)   requires "Trolltech Qt3 Toolkit"
cube.tgz (9K)   requires "Trolltech Qt3 Toolkit"
calc.tgz (4K)    

Palm OS Program Links

David Crofts'
Palm OS
Checkers (Draughts) Page

David Crofts'
Palm OS
Tic Tac Toe (Noughts & Crosses) Page

Qt Toolkit Program Links

"My Qt Toolkit Programs" compiled

using "Trolltech Qt Toolkit" version 2.3.0 for Windows

TRS - 80 Programs  (1980 - 1982)

David Crofts'
TRS-80 Model I Level II Basic

This Page describes my following TRS-80 Programs.


Space Invaders, Ping Pong & Calculator



TicTacToe & 8 Queens Problem Solver

Windows Programs (Self-Extracting Winzip Archives)

PLEASE NOTE : The following programs also run in "Linux" using "wine"
OpenGL Checkers (Draughts).exe (308K)
Space Invaders (Clone of TRS-80).exe (304K)
Tic Tac Toe (Noughts & Crosses).exe (95K)
Snake.exe (280K)
Calculator.exe (94K)
Windows Program Links

"Microsoft Visual C++" Source Code Links


Psychiatry - Music Videos


David Crofts' Resumé – HTML Version

David Crofts' Resumé – Acrobat Reader


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