TRS - 80 Programs (1980 - 1982)

    David A.S.Crofts

23 Brisbane Street
Berwick Victoria 3806

16th December 2003

Download:   DAVID CROFTS TRS-80 (1980-1982).zip (126K)

The above ZIP file includes CAS files that represent the best of the programs I wrote on my old System 80 between 1980 and 1982. My System 80 was a clone of the TRS-80 Model I with LEVEL II BASIC and 16K RAM. I have tested these files in Windows using David Keil's Emulator running LEVEL II BASIC and 16K RAM. I have also tested these files in Linux using Timothy Mann's Emulator. I owe David Keil and Timothy Mann a debt of gratitude because in 2003 it was a real buzz to see my old programs again.

You can download David Keil's Windows Emulator from :

You can download Timothy Mann's Linux Emulator from :

Please note that Timothy Mann's Emulator requires a ROM image
which you can get from David Keil's Emulator.

SYS_SI.CAS   Machine Code Space Invaders ( My Masterpiece !!!! )
==========   -----------------------------------------

SYS_PP.CAS   Machine Code Ping Pong
===========   ----------------------------------

SYS_CC.CAS   Machine Code Calculator
===========   ----------------------------------

The Microsoft Assembler SYSTEM cassette, EDTASM.CAS, is provided along with
calculator source file, LST_CC.CAS, for anyone who wants to add more functions.

BAS_8Q.CAS   Basic Program to solve Eight Queens Problem
===========   --------------------------------------------------------------

BAS_OX.CAS   Basic Program to play unbeatable Noughts & Crosses ( TicTacToe )
===========   ------------------------------------------------------------------------