Palm OS 1.0 or above, Any Palm OS Hardware

September 3, 2006


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"Checkers (Draughts) v2.2" is Freeware

Playing instructions

To make the computer move first, tap on the PLAY button.
If you want to move first simply make your move.

To enter a non-compulsory move or jump, tap on the piece you are
considering. The legal alternatives will be highlighted. Tap on the desired square.

If a jump is compulsory you can simply tap on the highlighted square
to make the move, otherwise you have to click on your piece first.

To make multi-step jumps, tapping on the highlighted square will present you
with the next step alternatives.

If you have half entered a move in error, tapping on SHOW MOVE will
reset the board. If you have just selected a piece in error, you can just tap on
another one of your pieces to see legal move selection again.

If you miss seeing the computer move (MOVING display has returned to
the NEW GAME button) you can see again what the computer did by clicking
on the SHOW MOVE button. Only useful when compulsory jump.

BACKWARD [-] and FORWARD [+] Buttons are provided for UNDO and REDO functions.

To alter the depth of the look ahead search routine use the drop down menu
to select SEARCH DEPTH ? options. Legal range is 4 to 8.

To start a new game tap on NEW GAME button or use the menu option.

For ABOUT information select ABOUT CHECKERS .. from drop down menu.

"Value(??)" explanation.

PIECES are worth 8
KINGS are worth 12
There is a small adjustment to BLOCK KINGING OF OPPONENT PIECES (+2) and
to encourage KINGS to move off backlines (-1).
Plus for PLAYER and Minus for COMPUTER tallies are added together.

Download with Source Code :