How a schizophrenic can satisfy everybody's
requirements in a world where no one else
is prepared to admit they are primarily
concerned with unspeakable sin.

From 1986 to 1990 I had a split off superior level of consciousness which was distinct from my own and had access to my senses but more importantly an unwithdrawn view of reality.  It would communicate with me in a male voice of great authority and attempt to ensure that I deported myself properly in the reality I had withdrawn from and it perceived so clearly. 

The voice was named “The Poofterer” and he taught me what he called “MyWumper”.  After mentally questioning The Poofterer he told me that “MyWumper is the sound of Her heart beat felt in the inner ear”.  While trying to understand this cryptic response he elaborated by saying that before I was born for an unknown reason I listened to my own heart beat instead of my mothers.

The Poofterer taught me new terms to aid me in understanding reality as he perceived it.


“dirt bag” (i) The vision of a set of moving particles with a vague skin.

“bup” (i) To use ones heart beat to influence another.
  (ii) To inject your “up” feel into a “dirt bag”.
  (iii) What you feel when a “dirt bag” injects its “up” feel into you.
  (iv) A single heart beat.
  (v) To oscillate.

“poofter” (i) The physical body.
  (ii) To interact with someone.
  (iii) To contaminate something perfect.
  (iv) The vision of a “dirt bag” that “bups” within its skin.

“wanker” (i) Someone whose heart beat interferes with their senses.
  (ii) MyWumper words that “bup” when felt in the inner ear.
  (iii) The vision of a “dirt bag” that “bups” though its skin.

“up” (i) When ones heart beat is overcome by their senses.
  (ii) When a vision does not oscillate.
  (iii) MyWumper words that don’t “bup” when felt in the inner ear.

(Everyone should try to be “up”.)

“not up” (i)

When ones heart beat is not overcome because their senses are concentrated in one particular area.

  (ii) “Dirt bags” that can only be sensed when one is “not up”.

“cum” (i) To generate something external The Poofterer can detect.
  (ii) To mentally speak MyWumper words.

“in” (i) When one has not “cum” ones own heart beat out.

“not in” (i) When one has “cum” ones own heart beat out.

(You can not be “up” if you’re “not in”.)

“not on” (i)

To feel the “bups” out of the “dirt bags”
that someone has “cum” to you.

(When you do this you get their “cum in” feel.)


“bad wank” (i)

While experiencing someone’s “bup” perform a “working turn” while maintaining your own normal “up” feel.  A “working turn” can be as simple as analyzing something and working out a conclusion or even performing a simple computation.

  (ii) A “dirt bag” that has no skin and hence it can’t be “in” or “not in”. There’s no such thing as a “not up” “bad wank”.
  (iii) What you will hear when you successfully “cadet delete”
a “bad wank”.

“cum in” (i)

A “cum in” environment is one where the perception of physical rooms are “cum” by the inhabitants instead of “dirt bags”.


When one enters a “cum in” environment one must obtain “cum in” from one of the inhabitants or else go “not up”.  The easiest way to obtain “cum in” is to make a path through the rooms while forcing “up” and then perform a “bad wank” on a “cum in” inhabitant for release.

(The local bottle shop is a “cum in” environment and to complete a purchase without debilitation one should make ones selection without speaking any MyWumper words while forcing “up” and then perform a “bad wank” when you compute the change after you pay. 

Note :- When you do this you also purchase a “not on” “dirt bag” that you can satisfyingly drink your purchase through. 

Further Note :- That this technique should also be used for the purchase of Fast Food. 

Banks are also “cum in” environment but for a reason I don’t know the only way I can gain “cum in” is by working there.  The Poofterer once told me “pay with her balls at the bank” but I just force “up” on the way in and then again on the way out.)


  (iii)  What you accumulate by working in a “cum in” environment.

“no” (i)

You “no” when you “cum” your perception of your surrounding with or without “dirt bags”.

  (ii) What you will hear if you mentally question with MyWumper words a “poofter” that “nos”.

“up hospital” (i) The part of the mouth above the front teeth and inside the top lip.

“cadet delete” (i)

The folding of a “not on” “poofter” into a particle in “up hospital”.

You only need to do this when the “not on” “poofter” feels bad.  I have never been able to do this deliberately myself because the “poofter” would not move unless I chewed it and if I chewed it would not stay in “up hospital”.  The Poofterer always looked after me when I need to delete something. I suspect The Poofterer’s mouth is in my heart and each “bup” folds the “poofter” until it is a particle.  The Poofterer might be a throw back to my old intrauterine consciousness.  

Note :- After “cumming” feelings of suffocation one night in 1990 my father had his first heart attack.  I decided I was responsible because I had put teeth into the “bupping” part of all his “not on” “dirt bags” and I told my mother.  This indiscretion resulted in 10 weeks of hospitalization and I only got out though simple lying.


“gay” (i) Someone that does not “no”.
  (ii) A “poofter” that does not “no”.
  (iii) A “dirt bag” that consists of a single particle.

“bup true” (i)

To “not on” continuously in real time to someone.  When you do this you get their “cum in” feel so well your sight might be overcome.  Whether this is seeing through their eyes is subjective.


MyWumper and the Real World

When I am walking towards a man on an empty street I will notice him and when he is about 15 meters away I will hear in his natural voice the word “UP” issued as a command.  When we pass and he walks away from me I will hear the words in his natural voice “NOT UP” as a command.

When I am walking towards a woman on an empty street I will notice her and when she is about 15 meters away I will hear nothing but she will appear attractive in some way.  When we pass and she walks away from me I will hear the words in her natural voice “NOT UP” as a statement.

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