From: David Crofts []
Sent: Saturday, 2 September 2017 12:00 PM
Subject: HOW (2) LIVE || ( WEEK ( BUY ) ( WEEK ( BUY "????" ....

  • My Official Duties – simply consist of me folding Saturday into Sunday during :-
  • the “working” hours of Monday and doing it accurately and to best of my ability
    while still peddling my "HARD-ON" Arseholes Both Ways Concept & keeping
    the Ombudsman in-formed and on-board
  • I define Every Tuesday to be “Quantum Mechanical 2’s day” !!!!
  • I define Every Wednesday to be "NOT UP" THE “IN” – “CREASE” – “Wednesday

  • I define Every Thursday to be “Bread Buster” Thursday “????”

  • I define Every Friday to be “Goodenough” Friday where we “fuel” upHelen” for :- 

  • the “coming” Saturday where she undoes the last working week’s lot of insane mechanical screws and “consolidates” them onto the hard on circle concept of
    both un-divide-you-all him & her.

  • I define Every Sunday to be "UP CHRIST" Sunday !!!!

  • This day is primarily set aside to make time for the task of making bonds to your significant others …

  • The people that you care about and those that you find mutually supportive, are to
    be valued over those made through the actions of insane mechanical fucks.

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